Justin Ferguson

Notre dame impresses Justin Ferguson a 6 foot 2 inch 210 pound receiver. Ferguson had offers from ND, Florida, Florida state, Florida International, and Central Florida. He is from Pembroke Pines, Florida. With Fergusons home state being Florida it had seemed he might want to stay there.

Ferguson visited all the Florida schools first and wanted to see how the Irish compared. After visiting ND he said they defiantly turned his head, and was defiantly thinking about committing. He said “there is really nothing not to like about Notre Dame. The campus was big and nice, but I didn’t know there were only 8,000 kids on campus.”

He also commented on ND’s crazy fan base. He said the fans give the players so much love he even signed some autographs when he was on campus. The odds didn’t look good for ND to get him to commit since they were going against his home state schools to try to get him, but he sat down and talked to the coaching staff and decided ND was the right choice.
The link on the bottom will show some videos of Justin, and will show you just how talented this kid is. Hope he can perform this well for the Irish!

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