Trojan Trouble

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The Trojans will be ineligible for a bowl game and a pac-12 championship game for one more year. The Trojans tried to get the NCAA to make the penalty less strict, but the NCAA declined and sticks to their original punishment of only 30 scholarships during the next 3 years and again can’t go to a bowl game for another year.

In the past 20 years schools such as Alabama, Auburn, and Oklahoma all had similar penalties to the USC one. It takes a while for programs to get back to a national championship contender but those three schools showed it could be done it just takes some time.
Trojans still seemed to get recruits though as some are saying they don’t care about the penalty. they say that they get the top recruits anyway. After the sanctions the great Pete Carroll left with the Trojans it seems that it will still be very hard to get all the great recruits.

Don’t fell bad for Layne Kiffen either because he knew exactly what was going on during the Pete Carroll era. He was an assistant coach for the Trojans when Reggie Bush was their making the big bucks. It is not like Layne Kiffen just came in at the wrong time he knew what was going on the whole time, so he is to blame as well as Pete.

Now let’s just hope our Irish will give them what they deserve this year, as the Trojans come into town to play the Irish in the first night game at Notre Dame in 20 years. Let’s go Irish!!

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