Luke Harangody's Rookie Season in the NBA

The Boston Celtics took Luke Harangody , a former Notre Dame basketball superstar, at number 22 in the 2nd round in last year’s NBA Draft. After graduating with one of the best careers in Notre Dame history, Luke was given a chance to perform on a championship caliber team almost instantly.

He was playing in most games in the season with the Celtics, averaging 8.6 minutes per game. Evem with the limited time, Luke avergaed 2.3 points a game with 63 points total in his 28 games played with the Celtics.

But in the middle of the season, Luke was traded to the Cavaliers. Many Irish fans were slightly disappointed he was traded to a Lebron-less Cleveland team who was in desperate need of more wins. I; however, thought this was a great move for him. It puts him on a new rebuilding team consisting of young and hungry players. Also this is going to get him more minutes as he works into a starting role. Which can only help him become better. Let me show you the difference he had when he moved to Cleveland.

In Boston:     Points- 2.3

                            Rebounds- 2.0

                           Assists- 0.4

                       Minutes- 8.6

In Cleveland:    Points-6.2


                               Assists- 1.0

                              Minutes- 19.0           

**Season Average Statistics (per game)**

Just from these numbers alone, it is really a big turnaround for our NBA player. He just has to work on his game a little more but he can certainly become a qualtiy, everyday NBA starter. Best of luck to you Luke!

Luke Harangody Highlights (VIDEO)

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