Are Tickets Too Expensive at Notre Dame Games?

For football, college or pro, is the ticket worth the price you pay? Most are hundreds of dollars per ticket and still its not going to get you in the front row. Since Notre Dame has been sold out every game since the first day I started watching Irish football, prices have usually been high. Mainly becuase people are willing to give up that much to see them play.

But really, is it worth the money? This year, the cheapest hoemgame ticket found on is around $115 (against Air Fiorce). For what might be our biggest game of the year, the USC home game lowest ticket is worth $324 per ticket. For the average American like myself, its way too much money.

Don’t not get me wrong, if I had the chance to go to a game, I most certainly would; but, I just don’t have the money lying around. Instead of paying around $330 for a ticket to the USC game and paying for gas and a hotel ticket (which could total around $700-$1,00 if I spend wisely), I could invte friends and family over to a cookout, watch the game in warmth (instead of sitting in the cold in South Bend), and have a close “seat” to the game. I would save hundreds by doing this and I also would have just as much fun watching it with other people.

Like I said before, I would love to catch a game this year if the time opens up for it, but with the prices they are at right now it looks like that chance won’t be for a little while.

I want to here your opinion! Is the price to high? Leave a comment below and let your opinion be heard!

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