What conference should Notre Dame be in?

Notre Dame doesn’t play in a conference for football. What if, let’s say, we were forced to play in a conference? Which one would we be in? I have it narrowed down to two pretty obvious conferences we would play in.

1. Big Ten Conference-We play at least 3 teams every year from this conference (Michigan State, Michigan, and Purdue). Also its is the closest BCS conference from Notre Dame. It would be great for our team to play Ohio State or Penn State every year and compete in one of the most premier conferences in the country.

2. Big East Conference- This other BCS conference is the one that all the other sports programs from our school play in. The competition in this conference will improve a lot more when TCU is added to the mix. Never rule out Pitt or West Virginia though. They always find ways to be at te top of the conference even though they might not be performing as well as they should be.

To me, the Big Ten is the way to go. Each game would be so important and can change your season due to the high competition. Also, in the Big East you can lose 5 games and still make a BCS Bowl Game (as seen from last year). I know you might think it would be better to go to the Big East because it would be easier competition, but our program would get much stronger from the competition the Big Ten offers. Leave a comment below and let me know what your opinion is!

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  • Ed


  • Maqi

    If the choice was between disbanding the football team and joining a conference… What about the Big12 or ACC? Especially in light of the Big12′s statement that there would be a place for ND non-football sports if it was kicked out of the Big East? And the ACC because it is the home of the only other major Catholic university football program, traditional football powers, solid non-football sports, and some like-minded institutions (unlike the state universities + northwestern in the big10?) Geographic footprint matters less these days (see TCU and the Big East)

  • Daniel Battle

    I never thought about the ACC bieng a contender but after your viewpoint I think it does make sense to join it. And Ed I am only saying a “what if” situation. I’d much rather be a non-conference team. Thanks for your thoughts!