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Notre Dame reaches semi-finals of Tradition Tournament

Last night was the last final time you could vote for ND over Georgia. So hwta were the results? Let’s just say, it was a close one. Number one ranked Notre Dame and their “Pkay Like A Champion Today” tradition faced off against 8th ranked Georgia and their “UGA on the sideline.” The fans decide who wins by voting and the results are shown onESPN’s Sportsnation (a popular TV show on ESPN2).

The winner of the matchup had only 52% of the vote. This one really could have gone either way, that’s how close it was. But, Notre Dame won! Georgia had a surprising 48% of the vote. A little over 63,00 people voted, which is a great turnout. Most people think that Notre Dame don’t have a great chance of winning because their are many people who don’t like our team (Michigan fans for example) and they will vote for the other opponent. Well if you think about it, if our tradition wasn’t so well-known, then why did ESPN rank them number one? I don’t think we will have a problem advancing to the Finals.

Next Monday we’ll breakdown our next match-up. Which will be between Notre Dame and Florida State in the semi-finals.

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