SlapTheSign Weekly Wrap Up

A lot has happened in the past week. For a Notre Dame fan, it has been pretty busy. Lets recap what has happened.

Notre Dame defeats Georgia in tradition tournament- The tradition of “Play Like a Champion Today” defeated Georgia’s “UGA on the Sideline” on a tradition tournament created by ESPN’s Sportsnation. There was 16 teams to start out and now there is only 4. Luckily for us, we are still in the tournament and are the number one seed. Tomorrow we’ll break down our next match-up against Florida State in the semi-finals. For more on the tournament click here.

Michael Floyd given one year of probation- Michael was sentenced to one year of probation and cannot drive for 90 days. For his playing future, it looks like he will play. Nothing has been confirmed on if he will actually play, but Michael has been training with the team and is taking the necessary steps to work his way back onto the team. For a full recap on Floyd’s sentence click here.

Notre Dame reaches settlement- The tragic death of Declan Sullivan was a bad spot on a good season by the Irish football team. He was video taping a practice when the lift he was on was blown over. The school will have to pay $42,000 for the accident, but I’m sure the memorial they will make for him will be a thing of beauty because he Declan deserves it. For more information click here.

Boxx is rested for the World Cup- Shannon Boxx, a former Notre Dame soccer star, didn’t play in the game vs Columbia. The women’s USA team dominated the game and won 3-0. Boxx looked sluggish in the game before that and was pulled from the starting 11. Look for Boxx to come back even stronger and ready to go when the Coach calls her name. The 34 year old needed the break and she will be key down the stretch as the girls look to capture another FIFA Women’s World Cup title. For a larger breakdown of Boxx, click here.

Well, that’s just a highlights of what happend the past week. Enjoy your 4th of July weekend and go Irish!

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