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Choice One: Dayne Crist

Dayne Crist, supposedly the front runner in the quarterback race, is a going to be a junior this year. He has a lot of experience that he can bring to the table. Dayne played well last year but suffered a season ending injury in the Tulsa game last year.

Last Season’s Stats- Until the injury, Dayne Crist was the starter. Throwing for 2,033 yards, Crist had a 59.2 completion percentage. He had 15 touchdowns with 7 interceptions. Not a stellar ratio of touchdowns to interceptions for a college QB, but nonetheless, it was decent.

What makes him stand out? His ability to lead and obviously his skill. He is a talented young man that has the potential to be great. His QB rating last year never went below 100 in a single full game he played. Look for him to step up his game this year with the competition level being where it is.

Chances of Being a Starter-He has the best chance of being a starter despite the success of Tommy Rees when he took over after Crist was injured. Look for Brian Kelly to lean toward the upperclassmen for

success this year.

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