Sportsnation debates whether Notre Dame can ever get back to their old ways

On ESPN’s Sportsnation, the analysts discussed whether or not Notre Dame could return to their “Glory Days.” It brought up an interesting topic that is sometimes discussed by Irish faithful.

Can Notre Dame be great like they used to be? Yes, Notre Dame is heading in the right direction. Yes, Notre Dame is a BCS Bowl Contender. But until I have consistant years of solid football, I don’t see it happening anytime soon (next 5 years). If Brian Kelly does what he did in Cincinatti (take them to the Sugar after just a few years), then we are going somewhere. But the conistsancy that Notre Dame had for such a long time is something teams don’t do anymore.

The obivous reason is the game has evolved. Players have a even wider amounts of teams to choose. And these teams are pretty good. The things Notre Dame did in the past were and are extremely impressive, but is something that is very hard to do now- a- days. Especially since the recent lack of success we have had in the past decade.

What do you think? Can Notre Dame be a consistant powerhouse year after year?Leave a comment and let SlapTheSgn know what you think.

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