Notre Dame vs Maryland... bigger game than we think?

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For some reason, Maryland has played teams tough at home. Notre Dame is the home team, but they are playing at Fed Ex Field, which is about a 20 minute drive from College Park. They are very beatable, and this game could be over in the first quarter. But, let;s take a lot and see the statistics on Maryland at home.

They are 2-5 at home. They have only won at home, showing that they love the home crowd. Against ranked opponents (home or away) they are 0-3 but have lost by a maximum of 11 points. This fact is startling to me because they lose to weaker teams by a larger number, sometimes +20 points. They must love to play the tough teams.

Should you be afraid of Maryland? The answer is no. We outperform them in every aspect of the game. This is just a few things about Maryland that caught my eye.

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