Former tight end at Notre Dame, Kyle Rudolph looks to make a impact in the NFL. Image from

Kyle Rudolph's rookie season in the NFL

One of Notre Dame’s best tight ends was drafted by the Minnesota Vikings last year. Lets take a look and see how exactly he is fairing in his rookie NFL season.

It took him until the second week to make his first catch as a pro, and since then, he’s been pretty consistent. Not a big time threat, but he’s making some catches and showing everyone that he has some potential. Here’s his stats so far in his career.

Regular Season Receiving Stats
2011 14 23 234 10.2 41 3 14 0 0
Career 14 23 234 10.2 41 3 14 0 0

Obviously there is nothing that pops out at you, but one statistic that impresses me is the number of First Down (FD) catches Kyle has. Over half of his total receptions are for a first down. That just shows you the knowledge Kyle has for the game and that is something that can take him far in his career. If he can get over at least 16 receiving yards next week against Chicago, that will put him over the 250 yard mark for the year. Which would be pretty impressive for a rookie tight end.

Kyle definitely has some potential to be an impact player in the NFL. I wish him the best of luck in his career.


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