Notre Dame vs South Florida Preview

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Notre Dame (2-1 in Big East) will face off against South Florida (2-1 in Big East) tonight in a must win Big East match-up. The Irish look to become 3-1 in a very tough Big East conference.

Why is this a must win?

It is because both teams need as much wins as they can in a conference where you will play a ranked team once a week. Notre Dame needs to beat the teams that don’t have a track record of winning so they can improve their overall record in the conference. Unfortunately for the Irish, USF will not roll over easily.

The Bulls are a scrappy team that can hold their own. So far this year, they only lost to UCONN by three points and they defeated Villanova by 17 points last Thursday. They are sometimes inconsistent, so let’s hope we don’t play their “good” side.

Who to watch for?

For South Florida, Augustus Gulchrist will be the one to look out for. He will play most of the game as a forward and can put up 15 points easily. He is a strong shooter and I look for him to be the key to the game for the Bulls.

For Notre Dame, watch out for Jack Cooley. Notre Dame needs him to have a big game with most likely double-double statistics. He needs to perform well for the Irish to win the inside battle.

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