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Notre Dame vs Syracuse Preview

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Notre Dame will face number one team in the nation tomorrow in South Bend. The Syracuse Orange are a strong team, that can easily put up points. This is quite possibly the game of the year for Notre Dame; a win against this team could sky-rocket Notre Dame to the next level. At 3-3 in the Big East, a win is clutch against any opponent.

Attention students of Notre Dame:

We need you to show up and be loud tomorrow. Notre Dame’s home-court advantage gives them a huge boost of confidence when they play. They are 29-1 in the last 2 season at the Joyce Center, and you all are the reason why. Over the holiday break it seemed as if the student section was empty. Which is understandable due to everyone going home, but now since you are back at school, its time to make it a true home-court atmosphere.


Players to watch for:

For Notre Dame, look for Eric Atkins to be the difference maker. He will play all 40 minutes and is a leader out on the court. He needs around 15 points and 5 assist if the Irish can even think about pulling this upset off.

For Syracuse, watch out for forward Kris Joesph. He has played 100 minutes more than anyone on his team and he can put up about 15 points and 5 rebounds. He will be out there for around 35 minutes so his impact will be important for the Orange.

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