Sep 13, 2008; Los Angeles, CA; USA; The Bowl Championship Series trophy at the Los Angeles Memorial Coliseum before the game between the Southern California Trojans and Ohio State Buckeyes. Mandatory Credit: Kirby Lee/Image of Sport-US PRESSWIRE

In Memoriam : The BCS

Big 10 commissioner and BCS playoff supporter, JIm Delany speaks with the media. Photo Courtesy of US Presswire

The Bowl Championship Series, otherwise know as the BCS passed away earlier this month in an announcement made by Jim Delany, commissioner of the Big 10 Conference. The BCS or known to many fans around the sport as the Bowl Corrupt System, was born in 1998 to its adoptive father Roy Kramer, then-president of the SEC Conference.

In its history, the BCS has been beloved and belittled by its fans, coaches, executives, and media members alike. In its conception, the BCS was a new idea generations ahead of its time. It also did not come without controversy, as the most prevalent complaint of all in the college football society has been the so-called “Crowning of a National Champion”. As we all know, the National Championship game match-up is based upon voting in the polls rather than playoffs or a tournament in every other college sport. Another controversy spiraling around its head was the allegations of corruption, especially the Fiesta Bowl Fiasco of 2011. There were bright spots though in its time, as a highlight of its life was the Ian Johnson touchdown to lead the unbeaten Boise State Broncos to a Fiesta Bowl victory over Oklahoma. The playoffs were also a highlight if it could have been conceived in its short but meaningful life.

The playoff concept has been tossed around many times in the past 14 years old but now since the BCS as we know it has passed away a fascinating playoff proposal has emerged. The BCS’ son, the 4-team playoff system has stated during a family press conference that he vows to “do all he can to push the 4-team playoff system into action once 2014 comes about”. He also added that “2013 is the last season of the original BCS, but my father’s legacy will live on as the 4-team playoff emerges”.

The BCS was survived by his son, the 4-team playoff and his grandchildren, the 8 and 16-team playoff. The pallbearers for the funeral will be Roy Kramer, Dan Beebe, and Scott McKibben. The family insists that instead of gifts, letters be sent to Jim Delany urging him to rethink his playoff format. The BCS may or may not be dearly missed.

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