Apr 20, 2013; Notre Dame, IN, USA; A general view before Notre Dame Stadium before the 2013 Notre Dame spring game. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Notre Dame Stadium: Does It Need A New Look?

When you think about it Notre Dame Stadium is only used for Notre Dame Football games at home, which is usually anywhere from 5-6 games. The Athletic Director Jack Swarbrick said


We’ll take our most iconic athletic venue and reimagine it as the site of year-round university use, not five-day-a-year athletic use.


It does make more sense, but there are many people upset about some of the early designs for the new stadium. One picture shows a shamrock in the middle of the field, which doesn’t go well with many Alumni and other traditional Notre Dame fans. There are also talks of turf and video boards that could be added, but personally I don’t want. The field should be grass and the traditional feel of Notre Dame Stadium “The House that Rockne Built” needs to feel the same after the renovations. Swarbrick did say that no matter what Touchdown Jesus will never be blocked because of a scoreboard. I do like the addition of seating, going from 80,795 to 84,000. The premium seating for potential business partners etc. will be huge for the University. Swarbrick also commented about having concerts or the NHL Winter Classic held at Notre Dame Stadium. There will be two tunnels so that the visitors no longer run out of the same as the Irish. Are there more pros than cons? Personally yes as long as they don’t take away the tradition of Notre Dame Stadium. The process is said to take 5-6 years from the planning to building. Notre Dame won’t start construction until all of the money needed is pledged and 75% of that is cash in hand.


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  • adam

    Oh Come on. Its 2013, maybe we should just go back to a 59,000 seat capacity seating. I mean gee it was tradition. Get over it. Get with the times. As far as I’m concerned the alumni should just screw off and let them do what needs to be done for entertainment. Do you think an 18 year old recruit walks in there and says man I don’t want to see my name flashing on the jumbotron because it would ruin tradition. Add more tradition!!

  • Tom Horn

    Oh yea, lets have the giant jumbotron so we can listen to the commericals during the game. Then it will be almost as good as sitting at home watching on TV!
    Seems to me recruiting is going pretty well without it.

  • Su Zuckerberg

    They should take a lesson from the Yankees, arguable the biggest sports franchise on planet earth. Ask em how phyched fans and ownership is with the “new” Stadium now going on 4yrs. I’ll tell ya first hand, it sucks.