Feb 6, 2013; Auburn, CA, USA; Eddie Vanderdoes shown with his mother Behia on national signing day at Placer High School. Mandatory Credit: Ed Szczepanski-USA TODAY Sports

Latest On Eddie Vanderdoes

Joe Davidson of the Sacramento Bee has been the reporter with the insider information on Eddie Vanderdoes’ recruitment. He was the only reporter that the Vanderdoes family would speak to during the final days of the recruiting process and he is one of the only ones that they are talking to now.

As many people know, Vanderdoes is expected to release some sort of statement soon. Until then, fans and media members can only speculate at the reasons for the change in choice for Vanderdoes.

Davidson addressed some of the speculation in his article from today. He wrote:

We don’t know for certain if that’s true because Vanderdoes hasn’t spoken publicly about the matter, and that’s his right. Fans, and some national media and recruiting websites, tend to get antsy when they don’t get immediate answers. So speculation starts:

• He’s flunking out (not true, according to Placer teachers).

• He’s a character concern (not true, according to coaches, teammates, opponents and college recruiters).

• He’s had a change of heart (it’s much deeper than that, his family has told me).

These answers by Davidson would lead me to believe that this situation is about a promise that Notre Dame failed to come through on. What this is, no one knows. However, it is clear that he does not want to attend Notre Dame. UCLA seems to expect him to be on campus sometime this fall.

Notre Dame then has two options. Let Vanderdoes out of his scholarship or force him to sit out a year. It is really easy to say let him out of his scholarship and allow him to play for UCLA this season. Notre Dame does not compete against UCLA directly. However, this would create a dangerous precedent for Notre Dame and the rest of the NCAA. This would mean that every player would not be officially committed until they get on campus.  They could sign on National Signing Day and then choose to get out of that binding contract before they enroll. For these reasons, Notre Dame needs to allow the transfer but ensure that he sticks to his letter of intent.

Remember, Vanderdoes was just icing on the cake in February.


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  • irishman

    if we piss him off enough and make him sit out the year, he might just choose to go to usc instead of ucla just so he will have a chance to get back at us. its clear he’s not coming here so we should make sure that we can direct him somewhere other then usc.

    • BoruBrian

      You are thinking about this too much. If he plays at USC who cares. it will not be the first time ND played against a 5 star at USC.

  • Irishpope

    horseshit…. make him pay for his disloyalty… wont make a bit of difference if he ends up at USC because we will out recruit them top to bottom anyways

  • Irishpope

    remember…. this is Notre Dame we are talking about. over 100 years of tradition and legendary players…. why sweat over some 18 yr old kid who has yet to prove himself at the next level…. he should be in awe of ND and not the other way around…

  • BoruBrian

    End of the day, this insider has let ND fans know, Eddie V has backed out of his LOI, after backing out of his USC committment.

    I do not envy BK’s decision here, but ND fans need to accept that he is choosing his home state, and we will hear the excuses why shortly. Whatever the “change of heart is”, will be PR BS.

    Mr Decommitt’s Alex Anzalone and Gunner Kiel are 2 other high profile recruits who had multiple changes of heart. Anzalone choosing Gator Hostess and Prisoner program, Kiel, well, from all acounts, he did not want to earn their starting role.

    If Eddie V leaves, he is going to the most dangerous university in the US (according to the FBI). Evans and Fauria have done pretty well there.

    While UCLA has a good academic tradition, let’s not pretend it is ND. Starting salaries for its graduates prove out that nonsense.

    Now, he may be the greatest kid in the world, he may be the next Academic All American, and BK or ND may have screwed up by putting his name on a list prior to his announcing himself (if so, it is tough not to see some narcissism at work here and get label back in the bottle; if that is the reason), but he signed the LOI on his own free will.

    ND has a tough decision here.