Apr 20, 2013; Notre Dame, IN, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish head coach Brian Kelly stands for a moment of silence in honor of the Boston Marathon bombing victims during the Blue-Gold Game at Notre Dame Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

Return To Glory At A Cost?

Lizzy Seeburg. Declan Sullivan. Michael Floyd’s DUI. Tommy Rees’ Arrest. Everett Golson’s Departure. Numerous high profile transfers.

A National Championship appearance. Number one NCAA Graduation Success Rate.

Since Brian Kelly took the head coaching position in December of 2009, he has generated a large amount of positive and negative publicity. It is hard to say with any certainty that Kelly had direct control over any of the negative events that have happened during his tenure.

Obviously, the first two events are very sensitive subjects. They did not need to happen. Period. Brian Kelly definitely had the benefit of the doubt from his superiors. He probably deserved it at this point. Why would he have wanted something like that to happen? He is a father. He is not the villain that the media made him out to be.

However, the events have piled on since then. They are not of the same magnitude. But, they have reflected poorly on the University. Does he have the same benefit of the doubt?

People are on different sides of the spectrum with how they want Notre Dame to operate. Some people believe Notre Dame should do whatever to win. Others believe that they should never sacrifice integrity or academics.

So, how is Brian Kelly performing? Has he lost control of the program or are these things to be expected?

Comment below with your thoughts on Brian Kelly’s tenure.

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  • Bill Reid

    How is Brian Kelly responsible for Lizzy Seeburg’s death? How is Brian Kellly responsible for Michael Floyd’s DUI or the arrest of Tommy Rees? Wouldn’t that mean Michael Floyd and Tommy Rees were LESS responsible? The only incident that POTENTIALLY raises questions about Brian Kelly is the death of Declan Sullivan. But let’s be clear about that incident: (1) it was FULLY investigated and Mr. Sullivan’s family were involved in that process; (2) there is no evidence that Brian Kelly ever told Mr. Sullivan, “Look, I don’t care how windy it is, you get up there or you’re fired”; and (3) there was no clear line of authority for Mr. Sullivan’s actions and no real precedent for the outcome. Without more, it is inaccurate and unfair to say Brian Kelly knew or ought to have known that death would (or might) ensue. IN HINDSIGHT, it is indeed unfortunate that Mr. Sullivan climbed up that tower on that particular day. Since that day, I have heard nothing from Brian Kelly about the incident except regret and condolences. The only “cost” of ND’s return to glory (if we can call it that yet) is attitude, effort and discipline. Let’s face it, recruiting aside, the guy can coach. If anything, the Golson story reflects well on Brian Kelly. It certainly reflects well on Notre Dame. I guess Notre Dame really means it when they say that academics count. How is that a bad thing?

  • BoruBrian

    I would expect this article from a freshman journalism major. Not only are conclusions based on facts hard to find, but invoking Lizzy Seerberg is despicable.

    A discussion on Sullivan is fair, but separate, as that happened in direct support of the program. All I can say is, the report said what it said, that does not dismiss common sense though.

    Football players transferring to programs where they can start, wow, that is something unique to ND. For Kiel, this was his 4th team he committed to in a year.

    Neal and Lynch transferring to be close to their girlfriends or children, yeah, BK’s fault.

    Let me know where these players noted issues with BK as the reason for their departures.

    So here is my comment, your article was not worth my time.

    Let me know when you break the story about the “cost” of the return to glory” is that ND was the only school in 100+ years of CFB that was voted #1 in for performance on the field and also #1 for their graduation rate.

    Note-for a program with real issues, check out the Florida Gators rap sheet since Urban got there (still some of his recruits playing). 35+ player arrests, including players actually charged with actual felonies.

  • disqus_maWYLepsT2

    The head coach at any major university does not have total control of his program. All they can do is set expectations and hold players to them. Although the Everett Golson situation is unfortunate, it is a result of our program standing firm to the expectations that we have for our student athletes. If you recall, at the end of Lou Holtz’s era, there was an incident of players receiving gifts from a woman who had embezzled money from a local contractor. Those type of situations are outside of the control of the head coach. Brian Kelly is doing a fine job. Let’s stay the course and see what happens.