Notre Dame Football Recruiting: Blake Barnett De-Commits From Notre Dame

Notre Dame has lost its best recruit to date in the 2015 class. Tonight, Blake Barnett de-committed from Notre Dame. The expectation is that Barnett will choose Oregon instead of Notre Dame.

Barnett wrote via Twitter:

“I am officially de-committing from the University of Notre Dame and opening up my recruiting. I want to thank the University and the coaching staff for allowing me the opportunity to attend such a prestigious university.

Barnett told

“Notre Dame has stayed recruiting me. They stayed on it because they know schools come around especially this time of year when recruiting starts to pick up. They have to be aggressive sometimes, to be honest.”

“I’ve always been a big fan of Oregon. As I grew up I was always interested in them and I wanted to go see the facilities and meet the coaches. I’ve talked to the coaches several times since I’ve been committed. I wanted to get the overall aspect of the university itself – the academic program, the campus, just get a sense on how they do things down there.”

Barnett originally committed to Notre Dame on November 24th, 2013. He was Notre Dame’s best recruiter. This is a major blow for the Fighting Irish. However, Notre Dame still has two Quarterbacks with 4 years of eligibility remaining (Zaire and Kizer).

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  • BoruBrian

    Not good news, but for Barnett, Golson would have 1 year left, Zaire’s performance in the Spring Game probably scared him a bit (3 years left) and with Mariotta leaving, probably see’s a clearer field in Oregon

    …or maybe a waterfall in the locker room is that important to him….but do not give me the academics. Oregon grads rank 349th in starting pay post grad…Notre Dame is 13th.

    I am sure Notre Dame fans all wish the yound men Good Luck

  • Robert Rodes

    I don’t think it’s over here. If I were his ND recruiter, I would have been up front from the beginning about the possibility of decommitting, and said if you change your mind, just let’s keep the lines of communication open. Furthermore, it’s not much of a loss to have anyone decommit for 2015, given the tenuousness of long-term commitments in the first place. As for starting pay post grad, I’d say where you go in the NFL draft has more of a bearing than overall academic reputation. So, we still have a few cards to play before the NLI gets signed next year. I’d say if he’s looking long term his prospects might be rather better at ND. If all he cares about is starting as a freshman, then Oregon is more likely the better place to be. I suspect that he’s more interested in being closer to home, and likes the freewheeling offense at Oregon. Maybe this is one of those things where you need to “shop around” a bit before you decide who you’re going to settle down with. We’ll see…

  • tj

    See Ya Later! Can’t cry over an unproven player. Many more out there.