Commentary: Who’s Bashing Their Way Into The BCS Championship?


Jan 9, 2012; New Orleans, LA, USA; Alabama Crimson Tide coach Nick Saban holds up the trophy for the BCS National Championship after defeating the LSU Tigers at the Louisiana Superdome. Mandatory Credit: Marvin Gentry-US PRESSWIRE

Editor’s Note: This is a commentary by Podcast Co-Host Brett Arney. Read his well written article that attempts to project the match-ups for the BCS bowl games. I think you will be surprised by the outcome.

By Brett Arney:

Heading into Week 8 of the College Football season and there are 12 undefeated teams remaining. One of these teams is not eligible to play in a bowl game (Ohio State).

The Buster

The most unlikely undefeated team in the Top 25 is 25th ranked Ohio University Bobcats. The Bobcats are 7-0 and have a significant win against a rebuilding Penn State squad. Some people may think that Penn State is not a significant win but I beg to differ. Penn State was not expected to win many games this season and looked like they were going to complete that prophecy after starting the season 0-2. But, the Nittany Lions decided to take control of their own fate and bounced back by winning 4 straight games, one which handed Northwestern their first loss. Penn State now owns a 4-2 record and is in a BCS conference making this a significant win for the Bobcats. The rest of Ohio’s schedule is weak, lining up five MAC teams with a combined record of 16-17. The Bobcats schedule is looking pretty for them to win out, with their toughest game being against a 5-1 Kent State team. If the Bobcats finish 12-0 and can beat Toledo or Northern Illinois in the conference championship, the state of Ohio will have a team in a BCS game at the end of the season.

Big East or Big Easy?

The Big East lost school after school this summer due to conference realignment. But, are these conferences better? The answer is probably, yes, but Rutgers, Cincinnati, and Louisville are determined to make an argument. With a combined record of 17-0, two wins against SEC opponents and two wins against ACC opponents, the Big East is showing that they are not as easy as people believe. There was a time where I believed that this BCS conference was the weakest in football. I wished they would eliminate them from the discussion, but not anymore. I am looking forward to the ACC vs. Big East match up and I expect to see the conference champion of the Big East to prevail.  Do not underestimate the Big East, Clemson did last year and look what happened to them. Embarrassment.  These three teams have a chance to all beat up on each other before the season ends and has the potential of wreaking havoc in the BCS rankings. If one does prevail amongst all others, an undefeated Big East team will not be playing in a BCS championship this season.

Bill the Believer

Bill Snyder has done it again. He has made Kansas State a force to be reckoned with. Kansas State is 6-0 and led by team MVP Collin Klein. They beat Oklahoma. They are title contenders! It is too early to tell with this team. They are playing great football and have a big win, but a challenging game from Iowa State makes them suspect. If they go undefeated, and there are only two undefeated BCS conference teams, they will be in the championship. Kansas State is a great team but they will not finish undefeated. They play West Virginia this week and Texas Tech, TCU, and Texas in the future.  Coach Snyder deserves a championship but there is far too much talent in the BIG 12 and too many opportunities for a loss. Kansas State is a no go for the BCS Championship.

The STATE of Oregon?

Let’s just get this out of the way. Oregon will be in the BCS Championship, if they go undefeated But, that’s a big if. There is a lot of talent in the PAC 12 and one mishap against USC, Stanford, or Oregon State will end all dreams of a BCS Championship birth for the Ducks. Ducks are a strong contender, I will not be surprised if they are there again, but I highly doubt they will get through the rest of the PAC 12 and a PAC 12 championship game.

Now, to the Beavers. Are they legit? Are they for real? The answer is no. A hard fighting team capable of upsets, but not a contender for the BCS Championship or a BCS birth. They lucked out and do not have to play USC unless they make it to the PAC 12 championship game, but they still have to play “The Civil War” against Oregon and Stanford. Oregon State upset Wisconsin 10-7, when Wisconsin was not playing good football. Oregon State will not finish better than 8-4.


Alabama. Undefeated. No question. BCS Championship.

Florida. Who needs Urban Meyer? Florida does. This week South Carolina. Next week Georgia.  Rivalry week Florida State. If Florida somehow makes it through those three games they have no chance of beating Alabama in the conference championship. Florida at best, 10-2. At worst 9-3. Good football team but not Alabama worthy. Not this year, Gators.

Mississippi State. The Bulldogs have to play LSU and Alabama. They will not win both those games. They will not win one of those games. A surprise undefeated but their schedule is not worthy of praise. There true colors will show on October 27th.

Sitting Golden

The thunder is roaring in South Bend. The echoes are awakening. The Irish are relevant. Rick Reilly is an idiot! Mark May preordered his leprechaun outfit! Notre Dame is 6-0 at the midpoint of their extraordinary schedule. Who is left? USC and Oklahoma. Tough games, but winnable. Notre Dame has one of the best, if not the best defense in college football, an SEC caliber defense, whatever that means. The definition of great defense is a defense that shuts down opponents. A defense who has not given up a rushing touchdown when playing heavy rushing teams like Navy, Michigan State, Stanford, and Michigan. Notre Dame is back and lead by a fierce defense and three fierce players. T’eo, Tuitt and Nix have made people believers. Notre Dame will beat Oklahoma. They will beat USC. There will be no mishap.  They will be undefeated. The GOLD sparkles again at Notre Dame.

Week 8 BCS Bowl Game Projections:

BCS National Championship:

Notre Dame vs. Alabama

Tostitos Fiesta Bowl:

Kansas State vs. Ohio University

AllState Sugar Bowl:

South Carolina vs. Oregon

Discover Orange Bowl:

Florida State vs. Cincinnati

Rose Bowl:

USC vs. Michigan