Notre Dame Football Recruiting Update: Top 5 Targets


Oct. 20, 2012; South Bend, IN, USA; The Notre Dame Fighting Irish celebrate after defeating the BYU Cougars 17-14 at Notre Dame Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-US PRESSWIRE

Editor’s Note: These are the current Top 5 Targets for Notre Dame Recruiting in the opinion of Slap the Sign and its writers. The Top 5 Targets are determined on a basis of how well Notre Dame likes a certain recruit and how well they like Notre Dame. This list is updated weekly with the odds (Very likely, Likely, In Between, Unlikely and Very Unlikely) of whether or not the recruit will choose Notre Dame.

The “Top 5 Targets” have not shifted in this week’s edition, however, we have added new information to the recruitment of some of the players. Notre Dame looks like they have to recruits that they could land in the near future or at least by National Signing Day.

Al-Quadin Muhammad, Weakside Defensive End, Don Bosco Prep

Rumors have circulated this week that Muhammad is actually a silent commit to Notre Dame. The reason for his silence is that he wants to make is official during the U.S. Army All-American Bowl in early January. Regardless if this rumor is true or not, Notre Dame is in great shape to land the Defensive End from New Jersey. Despite the fact that he is being recruited as a Defensive End, it is likely that he would play the CAT Linebacker position that is currently occupied by Prince Shembo and Ishaq Williams. Muhammad currently checks in at 6’4”, 225 lbs. To compare, in high school, Ishaq Williams was 6’6”, 230 lbs. These are similar frames.

Odds: Very Likely (Last week: In Between)

Khalfani Muhammad, Running Back, Notre Dame

The question is not how much Muhammad likes Notre Dame but how much Notre Dame like Muhammad. The Fighting Irish are currently pursuing three Running Backs: Clement, Folston and Muhammad. Notre Dame would prefer to have Folston but they may not get that choice. When will Notre Dame turn to Muhammad to fill their Running Back needs? If they turn to him sooner rather than later, it seems like Notre Dame could be looking at their 22nd commitment in the 2013 class. But what exact is Khalfani Muhammad? At 5’7″ 160 lbs, he really lacks the size needed to be an every down back. Is that why he has only been offered by the Mid-Major to Low BCS schools?

Odds: In Between (Last Week: In Between)

L.J. Moore, Cornerback, Central East

This is probably Notre Dame’s last hope at landing another Cornerback in this year’s class. The other options (Cole Luke, Mackenzie Alexander and Priest Willis) seem extremely unlikely at the moment. It leaves L.J. Moore as the player with the most remaining mutual interest. His recruitment is trending towards the West Coast however. As stated before, it seems like Moore really likes in-State UCLA. That school seems to fit the build more than Notre Dame currently.

Odds: Unlikely (Last Week: In Between)

Max Redfield, Safety, Mission Viejo

Redfield probably represents Notre Dame’s best opportunity to land another player in the secondary. He had an excellent visit for the Stanford-Notre Dame game that really opened his eyes to Notre Dame. Redfield is one of the top Safeties in the countries and could really help Notre Dame’s thin secondary. He will likely take some more visits to Washington or LSU but Notre Dame has put themselves firmly in the race for Redfield currently.

Odds: In Between (Last Week: Unlikely)

Issac Savaiinaea, Linebacker, Punahou

Savaiinaea is quickly becoming the most important recruit left on the board. With the imminent decommitment of Alex Anzalone, Notre Dame will be in search of a Middle Linebacker. Savaiinaea has the build and the pedigree. It is clear that Savaiinaea probably has no problem with selecting Notre Dame as a school and an institution. But, he most likely fears being the other Linebacker from Punahou High School. The shadow that Manti Te’o has cast is immense. But, Te’o and Toma are trying to pull the 4-star Linebacker in Notre Dame’s direction.

Odds: In Between (Last Week: In Between)

Last updated: October 26, 2012

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