Prospect Evaluation: Notre Dame Target David Cornwell


Apr 20, 2013; Notre Dame, IN, USA; A general view before Notre Dame Stadium before the 2013 Notre Dame spring game. Mandatory Credit: Matt Cashore-USA TODAY Sports

David Cornwell is the 3rd Quarterback to receive an offer from Notre Dame. Recruiting services say that he is by far the best as well. His film definitely demonstrates why recruiting gurus are buzzing over the 6’5″ Quarterback from Norman, Oklahoma.


Cornwell passes the ‘eye-ball test’ immediately on film. He is clearly the biggest player on the field. That is impressive considering that Cornwell plays Quarterback. According to most websites, Cornwell checks in at 6-5 230lbs. He looks to be every bit of that. In the Elite 11 camp, Cornwell looks solid as well. He obviously will need some work but he does not look like the average college recruit.

Arm Strength

Other than his size, Cornwell’s best attribute as a Quarterback is his ability to get the ball down the field. Many of his throws are down field or a fired into tight windows. This makes Cornwell ready to be in any “Pro Style” system but he could obviously play in the spread as well. His arm strength is as good as any at the college level.


Cornwell possesses good accuracy but will need to work on ball placement at the college level. Many of his passes are on target. But being on target is not the only thing needed to be an accurate passer. The passer must give the receiver an opportunity to catch the ball then make a play after the catch. Cornwell fails to always put the ball in this position. He occasionally will put the ball high or behind the receiver. This is most evident in the Elite 11 film.


Cornwell has “Brett Favre” or “Jay Cutler” syndrome. He believes in his arm so much, like those Quarterbacks, that he tends to forget about the fundamentals of playing the position. He often throws across his body and off of his back foot. This works at the high school level when the game is slower but it will cost him dearly if he continues it at the college level.

Pocket Presence

Another extremely impressive thing about Cornwell is his pocket presence. Cornwell moves within the pocket and escapes pressure while keeping his eyes down field. This helps him extend plays and make throws down field after the play has broken down.

David Cornwell does have a few flaws as a Quarterback but when he cleans them up he will be one of the best in College Football. He possesses all of the tools necessary to becoming the next great passing Quarterback.