Notre Dame Football: August 4th Practice Review


Notre Dame Football took to the field for their first practice of the season at the Culver Academies. The Irish, by NCAA rule, donned only helmets, practice jerseys and shorts. The Irish began practice with their customary drills like the tempo drill. Not a ton of information can be gleaned from these videos. However, it can tell viewers who the Irish coaches are favoring. In other words, it can clearly show who the starters, backups and reserves are. It may also show who is ready to stand out. However, it is very important to remember that skillfully edited videos do not always reflect what actually occurred during a two-hour practice. It may just show one great play out of twenty bad plays. Here is a frame-by-frame, play-by-play review of the August 4th practice report:

0:00 – 1:22 – Customary intro featuring a new WatchND logo.

1:22 – 1:41 – Ben Koyack breaks down the team. Koyack is one of the veterans on the Offense and is emerging as one of the leaders. Could he be a captain in 2014?

1:42 – 1:47 – Everett Golson makes a great throw to DaVaris Daniels. New Notre Dame player Cody Riggs makes a great contest to throw.

1:48 – 1:51 – Golson almost intercepted by Joe Schmidt. Again, does this show that Schmidt is excellent in pass defense or does Golson need to improve with his decision making?

1:52 – 1:57 – Starting Running Back Tarean Folston breaks up a big run. Folston looks explosive, possibly more explosive than last season.

1:58 – 2:02 – Justin Brent beats Jalen Brown. Brent is physically put together. He needs to beat better Cornerbacks on Notre Dame’s roster to move to the top of the rotation.

2:03 – 2:07 – Greg Bryant, working with the 2nd team, tackled for a short gain by Devin Butler.

2:08 – 2:14 – Notre Dame’s current Strong Safety Austin Collinsworth breaks up a pass against Folston. The ball appeared to be thrown late by the Quarterback (off camera). But, overall, it was an excellent play by Collinsworth.

2:15 – 2:19 – Cam McDaniel is tackled by Sophomore Defensive Linemen Jacob Matuska. Notre Dame will need Matuska to add depth to their thin Defensive Line.

2:20 – 2:24 – Golson hits Notre Dame back up Tight End Durham Smythe for a completion. Smythe will backup Koyack.

2:25 – 2:30 – Koyack beats Freshman newcomer Drue Tranquill.

2:31 – 2:36 – Folston tackled by Schmidt and Turner.

2:37 – 2:43 – Chris Brown makes a great catch over top Notre Dame Cornerback KeiVarae Russell. This is an excellent sign. Notre Dame needs a solid #2 to DaVaris Daniels.

2:44 – 3:05 – Golson interviewed by’s Jack Nolan.

3:06 – 3:12 – Sophomore Wide Receiver Will Fuller burns Sophomore Cornerback Cole Luke.

3:13 – 3:15 – Koyack beats Eliar Hardy.

3:16 – 3:21 – Brent wins a 1-on-1 battle versus fellow Freshman Nick Watkins.

3:22 – 3:27 – Farley swats away a pass from Prosise. In an actual game, it probably would have been holding or pass interference.

3:28 – 3:47 – Senior Linebacker Joe Schmidt interviews the

3:48 – 3:52 – Butler, working against Fuller, commits pass interference.

3:53 – 3:57 – Robinson makes an excellent catch on an out-route despite being interfered with.

3:58 – 4:04 – Our first look at Tyler Luatua, one of Notre Dame’s Freshman Tight Ends. Luatua looks as big, if not bigger, than any Tight End on Notre Dame’s roster.

4:05 – 4:10 – Folston makes an excellent catch. Notre Dame should not have any liabilities out of the backfield like they did last year with George Atkinson.

4:11 – 4:14 – Luatua makes another grab. It is safe to say that he will be ready to help the Irish out in some manner.

4:15 – 4:20 – Schmidt makes an excellent play to get off a block and make a tackle. Can he do this with pads on?

4:21 – 4:33 – Sophomore Safety Max Redfield picks off Golson. First, Redfield made an excellent play. But, looking deeper into the play, much more can be gleaned from this play. Ishaq Williams pressured Golson, which forced a bad throw. Golson fired the pass from his back foot. Throwing with bad mechanics and late over the middle will always equal an interception.