It’s Time For The Irish To Play Angry


The Notre Dame Fighting Irish loss to the Florida State Seminoles is still resonating throughout Irish football land. Most “non-Irish” fans think we’re being whiney. To quit our crying. To move on. Well, I somewhat agree. It’s time to move on.

It’s time for the Irish to play angry.

The Irish and Coach Brian Kelly went into Tallahassee with the belief they would win the football game. They controlled both lines. They went toe-to-toe with the defending National Champs, and now a favorite to finish the season undefeated. Less the last-minute of that game, and a few head scratching plays in the secondary, the Irish were in control. Everett Golson

If the Irish can finish 11-1, their case will be as strong as any other one-loss team

played level with

Jameis Winston

all game, and may have outplayed him. Without the flag, that’s likely the discussion we’re having. But instead we’ve gotten hung up on the interference call.

I’ve come to terms with it. I think if you’re going to call that, you have to be consistent. That flag, on a play like that, is rarely thrown (Wasn’t on the first Irish score). Toss in the fact they missed a Florida State player removing his helmet (a 15-yard penalty). So the Irish have a right to be angry. For all those who call Irish fans “babies”, if this was your team, in that game–which it wasn’t–you’d feel the same.

So now, the only thing to do heading into the bye week is to get angry. To rally this team, and to finish with a fire and vengeance to possibly get another shot at the Seminoles. Many think the loss hindered the Irish’s hopes. But if there can be a “good” loss, this may be it. If the Irish can finish 11-1, their case will be as strong as any other one-loss team.

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Oregon’s loss to Arizona? Tough, but not Florida State. Alabama and the loss to Ole Miss. That’s a good one. But with games left against LSU, Mississippi State, and Auburn; this could create either more one-loss teams, or eliminate a couple with their second loss. Auburn has ‘Bama as mentioned, but also Georgia, and Ole Miss. There are a few other one-loss teams just behind the Irish. But with USC, Arizona State, and Louisville remaining; it’s up to Notre Dame to take care of business.

It’s hard to say any of the one-loss teams can control their own destiny. But of the top ones, many will shake each other up. Thanks SEC, you’re actually going to help the Irish in that sense. By winning out, they will all but eliminate the teams behind them being a concern, as most don’t have the strength of schedule, or a worse loss.

Coach Kelly played the FSU game aggressively. He played to win. He needs to keep that mindset the rest of the season. The players are indeed down on a loss like that, but they proved to everyone, themselves included, they can play on the biggest stage.

Irish fans, be ready. If this team had any doubt in itself, it’s long gone. They left it in Tallahassee with that flag.

Go Irish.