Notre Dame Football Predictions: Notre Dame vs. Navy


Lead Editor Andrew Hall:  Notre Dame 42 – Navy 24

Co-Editor Nicholas Blazek: Notre Dame 31- Navy 10

Staff Writer Manuel DeJesus: Notre Dame 42 – Navy 24

Staff Writer Stephen Flood: Notre Dame 38 – Navy 14

Staff Writer Chase Eyrich Notre Dame 38- Navy 24

After coming off a bye week where the team could regroup from their sole loss of the season against Florida State, Notre Dame will take on the Midshipmen of Navy in the longest rivalry in college football dating back to 1927. Navy might only be 4-4, but this squad knows how to cause problems and always accepts the challenge of taking on the Fighting Irish of Notre Dame. Of course Notre Dame has dominated the series leading it 74-12-1 but since Navy won the 2007 match up in a triple overtime game, it seems as if they are giving Notre Dame more than they have been expecting.

Navy runs their triple option offense, which not only is extremely tiring for the defense, but they will also work to keep Everett  Golson and the rest of the offense off the field. That’s why the Irish are trusting in VanGorders’ defensive strategy. Brain Kelly has made it known that during the interview process VanGorder was questioned on how he would play against the option, obviously BK must have liked his answer. But if you think Niumatalolo hasn’t been planning for the last few weeks on how he thinks VanGorder plans to stop their option, you’ve got another thing coming.

Navy’s triple option is going to give fits for the defense no matter how they play. This triple option attack has allowed Navy to become the nation leader in rushing with 352.3 yards per game. Meaning these guys know what they are doing and Keenan Reynolds with his 639 rushing yards this season is not to be taking lightly.

“Their in-game adjustments are outstanding.”-Brian Kelly

What makes Navy so successful at this offense is their ability to make changes and different tweaks when


making it hard to defend.

Another thing you are going to see a lot of Saturday is cut block, cut blocks, and cut blocks! Navy loves to cut block and its a thing that is going to aggravate the Notre Dame defense.

“Stop being crybabies and go play the game. I don’t wanna hear about cut blocks.”-Brian Kelly

However, don’t expect to see any players going up to BK this week complaining about it because he has made it clear he doesn’t want to hear about it.

Expect Everett Golson to keep the mindset he had before the Florida State game of not committing any turnovers. Notre Dame will have to execute every chance they get. Navy’s triple option will be focusing this week on keeping the ball out of Golsons’ hands so this really could only be an 8-10 possession game for the Irish.

With the Irish having 14th ranked Arizona State on the schedule next week many are wondering if ND might just look over the Midshipmen but that’s likely not going to happen. QB Everett Golson has shown he’s not looking over them. “I think a lot of people look at their record and see (4-4), and say oh, those guys can’t compete. And they showed it last year. So it’s not something that we take lightly.” Last year ND had to seal the deal with a 4th down stop on their own 31 with 61 seconds left.

Notre Dame is fully prepared and has a great deal to prove. VanGorder wants to prove what he has done with this defense isn’t a fluke and show just how good of a defensive coordinator he is.

“I told the guys this is a no-cry zone this week. Go out and play the game the right way.”-Brian Kelly

Notre Dame was also ranked 10th in the first ever College Football Playoff poll and that is a downright disgusting taste in everyone’s mouth. Expect them to play like they are behind from the beginning.