Notre Dame’s Brian Kelly Sunday Teleconference: Navy Week


After a tough 49-39 victory for the No. 10 Notre Dame Fighting Irish over the Navy Midshipmen, coach Brian Kelly held his weekly Sunday teleconference to go over some of the details from the contest. The Irish got some bad news in regards to their defensive leader Joe Schmidt. Here are the highlights from today:

Coach Kelly in regards to Schmidt and how the Irish will adjust:

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Coach Kelly on Greg Bryant:

Coach Kelly on Schmidt’s eligibility for next year:

On LB Jarrett Grace:

On James Onwualu:

The Irish won’t have much time to regroup from the loss of Schmidt as they travel to Tempe next week to face off in a possible playoff elimination game against No. 11 Arizona State (7-1). The committee had eluded the Irish don’t have any quality wins on their resume. Saturday night will be the time to check that off the list.