Northwestern vs. Notre Dame Game Predictions


Believe it or not the sun has still been rising every morning in South Bend since last Saturdays loss to Arizona State and now it’s time to take on the 3-6 Northwestern Wildcats. In one of the Big Ten games Notre Dame scheduled this year, the Wildcats will be heading to Notre Dame for a 3:30 p.m. matchup.

Well, the first thing Notre Dame needs to do is leave the past in the past. Yes, ugly is a nice way to describe a game with 5 turnovers and 7 sacks but Brian Kelly has to get his squad to look past that and find a way to savage the rest of the season. The playoffs might be gone, but high bowl game is still in the question if they can win out. This game might not be a cakewalk but proper preparation and some confidence should be enough to put Northwestern away.

It’s a fact; Northwestern just doesn’t put up points. They are a very low scoring team only scoring 20+ points in four games but don’t let that fool you, even though they might not convert those drives into points they still don’t turn the ball over. Still this is going to be a huge advantage for the high tempo offence of the Irish.

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As far as the Wildcats offence, well they basically run it through 4 players. 1) Trevor Siemian (QB) has been very disappointing for the Wildcats but no matter what they can only go as far as he will take them. 2) Kyle Prater (WR) is Siemain’s first option and leading the team with 372 receiving yards this season. 3) Justin Jackson (RB) arguably the most talented player on Northwestern’s roster with over 600 more rushing yards than anyone else on the team. If the Wildcats want to keep the ball on the ground it’s going to be in the hands of Jackson. 4) Dan Vitale (WR) is averaging 10.1 yards just like Prater with 32 receptions on the year.

Look for the Irish to play conservatively. The fans nor Brian Kelly and especially Everett Golson don’t want to see any more turnovers. It’s going to make someone sick if they haven’t already. We might see a lot of running and short passes in this game, but without a doubt Kelly will still show his confidence in Golson. This would have been a momentous week for Kelly to just have the team kind of relax and have fun. Obviously Notre Dame can’t take Northwestern lightly, but it would be beneficial to the team if they did something to have fun and bond as a team just to help get their minds off of last week. I know that I could have used it.

The main thing that Northwestern has going for them is that this is probably their biggest game of the year. Not only are they playing Notre Dame, and who doesn’t want to beat them, but it’s do or die time for the wildcats. Either they win their remaining three games or they miss out on a bowl game and their season is over. The Wildcats proved they could hang with they big boys despite their 3-6 record when they shocked Wisconsin 20-14. However, I trust in Brain Kelly that he will have this Notre Dame squad ready and prepared for in game adjustments as well.


Andrew Hall: (Lead-Editor) Notre Dame 35-17

Nicholas Blazek: (Co-Editor) Notre Dame 45-24

Chase Eyrich: (Staff Writer) Notre Dame 34-7

Manuel DeJesus: (Staff Writer) Notre Dame 45-24

Mike Shields: (Staff Writer) Notre Dame 28-13

Stephen Flood: (Staff Writer) Notre Dame 38-14