Notre Dame Basketball: Five Keys to Beating Connecticut for the Title

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Spread the floor and get Cable and Mabrey good looks

Neither of the two has had a spectacular game this tournament–or at least a complete one. But both have been key to a Notre Dame victory. Michaela Mabrey hit four big three-pointers against Baylor and scored 14 in the first half, but felt some dizziness and missed the second half.

And against South Carolina, Madison Cable–who has no quit in her–gathered Loyd’s missed jumper and out it back quick for the eventual game winning points. While they don’t have the quantity of Mosqueda-Lewis’ three-point totals, they do have the same ability. Cable is shooting 48 percent from three this season, Mabrey at 39 percent.

With the driving ability of Loyd and Allen, as well as the possibility of double-teams on Turner and Reimer in the post, their contributions will be needed.

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