Notre Dame Football: To Help Ease the QB Controversy? Run the Ball


Irish run game will be vital to offense’s success

The 2015 Notre Dame spring game has come and gone. The Blue-Gold game is always a big draw, as fans look for someone to stand out, to catch their eye. It may be an established player, or possibly a walk-on or a freshman getting his moment to shine. There were a few of those, but the quarterback question still ruled the day. And in the end? There still is no direct answer to the question.

"“All they can control is what’s in their purview and that is the fundamentals of what we’ve asked them to work on,” Kelly said. “The rest they can’t really worry about. It’s not their call.” h/t Brian Hamilton,"

I’m not sure Brian Kelly knows the answer yet. Then again, he might and be keeping it to himself to prevent any possibility of a transfer–specifically from Everett Golson. It also could be an evolution in the style of Kelly’s coaching as well. With two fleet-footed QB’s, and a stable of top-tier running backs added to an offensive front that can punish the opposition? The strength of this team isn’t a pass happy scoring attack, but a clock control run-based attack.

Is Kelly prepared to adopt that, while possibly using both quarterbacks to his advantage? Reading too much into the spring game can be dangerous, but it appeared Kelly can see the potential in putting the ball on the ground and wearing down the opponent, just like they did to LSU in the Music City Bowl.

Golson appeared to be fundamentally sound, but not flashy. He protected the ball, made the right reads and did what he failed to do late last season. Malik Zaire was, well, he was Malik Zaire. Improvising, using his speed–but when he let it go, it’s clear he has potential. Many feel Kelly needs to name one QB, as that is the ideal way to go.

But Kelly has had success at every stop in his career using more than one quarterback, and never has he had two as talented as Golson and Zaire. with Golson’s turnover issues last season, and Zaire’s inexperience, using the conglomerate of backs that includes Tarean Folston, Greg Bryant, Dexter Williams and C.J. Prosise–there is potential to run teams right off the field.

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The only question is will Kelly be able to holster his pass-heavy, high scoring offense to allow the run game to be the focus, taking the pressure off the two signal callers? We may not know until Sept. 5 against Texas.

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