Notre Dame Football: Irish Blocking Everett Golson From Teams They Play in 2015


Irish will dictate where Golson ends up playing

Now that

Everett Golson

‘s transferring is official, the fun begins of where he’ll end up, or more importantly where Notre Dame will let him go. According to reports, the Irish won’t release him to any of the teams on their 2015 schedule. Most importantly Texas, who many believed was high on Golson’s list. There are some that feel as a graduate he should be able to choose where he goes, but that’s simply not how it works.

So the chances of ever seeing Golson line up against the Irish is slim to none unless they were to meet in a bowl game. Since his announcement, there’s been a lot of speculation, but hardly anything directly from Golson himself. Several SEC teams have been mentioned, but whether Golson would be a good fit is debatable. His turnover issues may only be magnified there. The report also limits the list with several Big Ten teams, which the Irish have

The report also limits the list with several Big Ten teams, which the Irish have none on the schedule this year. So what is the reason for that? Could simply be for the years that they blocked the Irish from joining the Big Ten in the days of Bo Schembechler.

Personally I don’t believe that Golson needs to go to a “top school” to accomplish what he’s looking to accomplish. He’s leaving because he isn’t guaranteed QB1. And even if he was, Malik Zaire is right over his shoulder. So he wants to go where he can play and improve his draft stock after a dreadful 2014 season. I think his ideal transfer would be a “mid-major” type school. Maybe a place where a player of his skill set is rare to see.

For Golson, this season will be about protecting the ball, and showing his decision-making has improved. His arm strength and mobility isn’t in question. And going to a school that has a complex system that he’ll need to learn (which he’s capable) or one that he may have to “compete” won’t do him any good.

Then again, he may want to go somewhere with the exposure, hence the rumors of all these SEC schools. The destination is still unknown for Golson, but I think it’s safe to say he won’t be suiting up for the Longhorns this fall.

What’s your opinion of a school “blocking” a fifth-year player from attending certain schools?

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