Notre Dame Basketball: What You Need to Know About Temple Gibbs Jr.


2016 recruit Temple Gibbs Jr. loaded with potential

The Notre Dame men’s basketball team landed one of its highest rated recruits in Temple Gibbs Jr. since

Demetrius Jackson

, to ultimately replace… well, Demetrius Jackson. Jackson showed out this past season and will be a huge factor in the offense for the Irish while trying to replace

Jerian Grant


Pat Connaughton


This four-star PG coming out of the 2016 class will more than likely sit and learn from Jackson his freshman year, just like Jackson did with Eric Atkins. That is if Mike Brey can keep DJ for his senior season.

So what does Gibbs bring to the Irish?

Well, Gibbs is a combo guard. He is going to be able to create space with how he penetrates the lane, and is fully capable of shooting three-pointers.

He’s the kind of player who probably will not get the amount of credit that he deserves because he makes everything look so easy. His penetrating moves are so smooth that it looks as if he just walked straight to the basket. They’re as soft as his jump shot.

Not only are Gibbs’s shots and moves soft, but also the same goes for his passing. He is a player that can make a smooth transition into the lane, draw in multiple defenders, and keep his eyes and mind open for a teammate that will be wide open for the quick dish.

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Now Gibbs might be replacing Jackson, but don’t expect him to play just like Jackson. At this point, Jackson is more athletic and stronger than Gibbs. Nonetheless, his soft touch will be his major factor. He can finish at the glass with either hand he wants and in any direction/position he wants.

There are players whose pure athleticism makes them a great player, then there are players like Gibbs who know exactly how their body works and how to control it. As Gibbs is about compete at the college level, I would like to see him bulk up. With how he gets to the lane he’s going to need some extra padding to absorb the contact with the big men down low.

Gibbs is ranked as the 7th best PG in his class and 47th player in the nation with a .9785 composite rating, according to 247sports.

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