Notre Dame Football: KeiVarae Russell Posts ‘I’m back’ on Instagram Account


Russell looks to be back after missing 2014 season

After being one of the “frozen five” as they became known, Notre Dame cornerback

KeiVarae Russel

l has said from the start that he would return to Notre Dame to play football again. If we can take his Instagram post at its word, it looks like he’s achieved the expectations set forth by the school to return to the team.

The 2012 freshman All-American was expected to be a key piece of the Fighting Irish defense before missing the entire 2014 season due to “potential academic dishonesty”. Russell returned and has been taking classes in order to return to school in South Bend, and appears that may be the case. One of the other five, Ishaq Williams, will return to school to take summer classes beginning on Monday.

The situation for Williams appears to be a bit more complex for him to become eligible again, and when his father Shaun was asked about his son re-establishing eligibility he replied  “I don’t know anything about that, to be completely frank.”.

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What can be read into this is that Williams is making the effort to return to school regardless of his football chances. Each of these young men have fought a difficult battle to return to Notre Dame, and will gain valuable lessons from the experience.

Coach Brian Kelly has hinted that both could return to the team upon reaching a certain “criteria”, only a few know what that actually is or was in the case of Russell. The team was forced to move on without them last year, but will welcome each of them back this year with open arms.

From a football perspective, the Irish will only improve with either of these two on the field. But in life, they’ve both already won by returning to get their education from the University of Notre Dame.

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