Notre Dame Fans, Let’s Beat SC


It’s two words. It’s just two simple words.

Actually, it’s not even two words. It’s one word and one acronym.

Separated, they say very little. One might be used to describe an action relating to preparing eggs. The other could mean almost anything, from “Silly Clowns” to “Sandwich Condiments.” And even together, to the wrong person, that word and acronym could be entirely meaningless.

However, to Notre Dame football fans, “Beat SC” means everything. It encompasses every passion and desire we hold as sports fans. It epitomizes good triumphing over evil. It serves as a symbolic reminder that there is still some decency left in this world, and that, in the wise words of Samwise “Rudy” Gamgee, “it’s worth fighting for.”

The origins of “Beat SC” are unknown to me, but I’d have to assume it began back in 1926, when Notre Dame mercilessly beat SC in a hotly-contested shootout to the tune of a 13-12 final score. Ever since, the phrase has stood tall as a rallying cry for Fighting Irish fans (especially those who have lived in the lovely cinder block facilities over at Stanford Hall, as I did in my time at ND), rooting on their favorite team as they take on the absolute worst college football program of all time.

And when I say the University of Southern California football program is the absolute worst, I do not mean it as an opinion. Rather, I mean it as an unequivocal and undeniable fact.**

** “Fact” here is defined as “a universal truth that would only be rejected by Trojan fans, and their opinions clearly do not count”

Just consider the leaders of their football team as of late. Steve Sarkisian was fired yesterday (and hopefully is on a better path). His predecessor was this man. And before those two, the abomination pictured below was the face of SC football:

Photo Credit: Patrick Sullivan, University of Notre Dame freshman, taken on his flip phone.

Now, I’m not saying that the above poster taped to a door at Notre Dame’s North Dining Hall in 2009 is confirmed to be true. But can anyone confirm it isn’t true?

That’s what I thought. Any program who employed a possible cannibal for 9 years is suspect at best, and more than likely harbored a few other monsters over the years (*cough* OJ Simpson *cough*).

The players who have donned those disgusting cardinal and gold jerseys have been just as unlikable as their ethically questionable leaders, and their past actions reflect that. Whether it was the illegality of the “Bush Push” and hearing about Matt Leinart’s ballroom dancing class, or watching a steroid-riddled Brian Cushing scream like an idiot as he delivered another helmet-to-helmet hit while my beloved team suffered the embarrassment of being beaten by a quarterback named John David Booty, the Trojans have constantly caused me more anger and annoyance than I can articulate, forcing me to babble incoherently like I’m Keyshawn Johnson on Sunday NFL Countdown.

Now, I know Notre Dame’s performance at the Coliseum last year was not strong. I will be the first to honestly admit that we’ve had a tough 21st century in competing with the Trojans. However, if anything, that’s all the more reason to join together as Irish fans, look each other in the eyes with steely resolve, and execute the following conversation.

Irish fan 1: “Beat SC.”

Irish fan 2: “Beat SC.”

We need to make this phrase a tenet of our football faith. We need to turn things around and retake our spot as the superior football program. And it all starts with us, as a Notre Dame community, preparing to beat SC.

Saying goodbye to a coworker on Wednesday night as you head home? End the farewell with “Beat SC.” Tucking your toddler into bed for the night? Kiss them on the forehead and whisper “Beat SC” as you turn off the light. Grabbing a burger and fries from the drive-thru? Confidently end your order with a side of “Beat SC.” And when you’re tailgating all day at ND before walking into Notre Dame Stadium ready to dominate? Well, you better spend the entire day and night spouting off “Beat SC” well-wishes to anyone who will listen, and uproariously chanting “Beat SC!” with your friends as you down a few Hamm’s Premiums.

Notre Dame has spent the majority of this young century in the shadow of the Trojans, who, by the way, are an ancient civilization stupid enough to be defeated by people hiding in a big wooden horse left on their doorstep. That is simply unacceptable. Changing that starts with the mindset that the Fighting Irish will do on Saturday what they’ve already done 45 times before.

So make “Beat SC” a part of your life. Eat, sleep, and breathe “Beat SC. Heck, even make “Beat SC” part of your identity, if possible, like my friend Paul did on Facebook a few years back (hasn’t changed his Facebook name since).

Photo Credit: Patrick Sullivan, staff writer for Slap the Sign, taken as a screen shot on his computer with the permission of Mr. Babiak.

Let the movement take over, and let’s ride that wave of hate and passion to a victory on Saturday.

Let’s do what we should always do.

Let’s Beat SC.

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