Notre Dame Player Reaches Out To Reddit User


A Notre Dame fan and Reddit used by the username of Domthecreator14 posted a plea of help to just about any person in the South Bend area for a little help on the day of Notre Dame’s last home game of the season against the Demon Deacons of Wake Forest.

"My dad and I are taking a very important trip to South Bend tonight.The reason why ND has been my favorite CFB team is absolutely my father. We have no relation to the school, hell, we live in Central New York! But the fandom runs through our veins.Once I started college, my dad and I have had an incredibly rocky relationship, it came to a head when he actually kicked me out of the house.But we have had these tickets long before this whole thing started. My dad barely has a relationship with his, and I don’t want to become like that, so this vacation is pretty damn important.Any South Bend residents/ND students here? Any ideas on how to make this trip special?"

It wasn’t up very long before Domthecreator14 got a very different and possibly exciting response from another Reddit user, Touchdown_Jeebus:

"Hey, I think I may be of some assistance. I currently am on the ND football team, PM me, Ill give you my # and after the game I can take you to the Gug and show you the practice locker room, players lounge and a decent amount of the incredible facilities we have here at ND. I am lucky enough to have a good relationship with my dad, and with my time at ND coming to an end quickly I have been able to reflect and appreciate it. Id love to help, just let me know."

So, this wasn’t just any random user, this appears to be a current player on the Notre Dame football team. And while I won’t give up a name, it appears to be a walk-on from the fine state of Colorado.

Hopefully Domthecreator14 gets the message, because as of right now, it appears that he hasn’t checked back to Reddit, as this update was posted by Touchdown_Jeebus:

"Update: Sent him a PM and haven’t heard back. Ill check again tomorrow morning before meetings but after that I’m not sure if i’ll be able to check reddit until after the game. Hope this can work out."

This is an incredibly kind gesture, and even more so when one considers that this is the players last game at Notre Dame (he’s a senior and it’s senior day). On behalf of all Irish fans, I hope Dom gets the message, gets the goods, and somehow mends some fences with his own father.

Good luck Dom!