Notre Dame Football Recruiting: What’s Up With Demetris Robertson?


Has the Demetris Robertson recruiting story reached its breaking point?

Notre Dame fans that have been following recruiting (even if it is just a little bit) must have noticed the absolute strangeness involved with the Demetris Robertson recruitment. There seems to be no information that comes from the Robertson camp that eventually ends up in the accurate column. If they say one thing, it has turned out to be the opposite. Are they providing misdirection on purpose?

His visit schedule alone is enough to have people scratching their heads. He keeps scheduling visits (Alabama in particular) and then either cancelling- or just not showing up all together (Alabama this past weekend). The word coming out of the Robertson camp is that he will visit both Georgia and Georgia Tech, but insiders have suggested that he won’t visit Georgia again and the Georgia Tech visit will be his last. And as far as visiting Stanford (his public leader) he has yet to officially visit Stanford and has nothing scheduled to do so.

Demetris Robertson has stated that he will not sign on signing day this week, and will take visits next weekend before making a decision. Many have pointed to Robertson waiting on test results that he hopes will gain him admission to Stanford. But… WHERE IS STANFORD?

If Stanford is his number one choice, did he mention that to the Cardinal coaching staff? There haven’t been any reports that Robertson has been in contact with or received visits from the Stanford Cardinal coaching staff. Stanford is almost full right now and still have a few other recruits they are waiting on- and Robertson isn’t among them.

There is still a chance that Demetris Robertson still signs with a school on signing day, and that school may very well be Notre Dame. Even if it is, the lessons of Eddie Vanderdoes are still fresh, and perhaps Irish fans shouldn’t get too cozy until he runs out on the field in Austin Texas. And the way this recruitment has gone, we just hope that showing in Austin is wearing a golden helmet.