Notre Dame Football: 3 Questions For Jonathon Bonner


We have three questions about every player on the Notre Dame football roster this spring.

There will be about 65 guys on scholarship for spring football this year. We are going to take a look at each one (alphabetically for dewey decimal fans), and ask a few questions. What those questions will be, are probably more important than the answers actually given before September- if any are given at all.

JR. Jonathon Bonner redshirted his freshman year. At the time it was kind of uncertain if Bonner would play linebacker or defensive end in college. Bonner played in 10 games in 2015 and tallied 5 tackles, a sack, and one forced fumble.. DE. Notre Dame Fighting Irish. JONATHON BONNER

1. Where is Jonathon Bonner on the depth chart heading into spring?

While this still seems a little surprising, even though it really isn’t, Bonner is the next man in for Isaac Rochell at his defensive end spot. Jonathon Bonner has received a fair amount of praise from Brian Kelly, and despite stats to the contrary, they really like what they have in him. Most of the depth chart along the defensive line is full of “project players.” That basically means that they were 3 star guys or 4 star guys (but without a real position) coming out of high school, and the staff has made developmental plans for each of them. Bonner seems to be moving down his path just fine heading into his junior year with 3 years of eligibility.

2. How about impact? Can Bonner make a big impact in 2016?

Of course he can- that’s a stupid question. He can, but WILL he make an impact? I believe he will. with so many moving parts on defense, and injuries always being a concern, I think Bonner will be able to and will contribute a lot of meaningful minutes this fall. In fact, I will be bold enough to state that he will end up as sort of a “2nd starter.” Partly because I think we will see a lot of packages with Rochell dropping down a gap, and partly because I think he has the skill and want to make that impact.

3. Is there anything else of note?

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Not really, as we pretty much covered it all in 2 questions for efficiency. I would like to have posted a video for the hell of it- but “Bonner” is so close to “boner” it just didn’t feel right.