Will Fuller Runs 4.32 40 Yard Dash At The NFL Combine

How fast is Will Fuller?

Everyone was waiting on Will Fuller to run his 40 yard dash at the NFL Combine, and to Fuller’s credit he didn’t disappoint. Fuller’s best time in the 40 yard dash was clocked at a 4.32- which was right about what was expected.

Will Fuller was far and away faster than the rest of the group he ran with in a year that is seeing less “burners” than what we have been used to in the recent past.

It’s not the speed of Will Fuller, however, that scouts are watching. Will Fuller is fast and everyone knows it. There isn’t a game that he played in college that you couldn’t watch the film and be blown away by the elite speed that he displays on each play.

It’s Will Fuller’s hands and not his feet that have NFL GM’s and just about anyone involved in this process glued to his every move at the combine. For as productive as Will Fuller was at Notre Dame and for as incredibly fast Will Fuller is on the track and in the pads, there are concerns about his ability to catch the football.

Sep 26, 2015; South Bend, IN, USA; Notre Dame Fighting Irish wide receiver Will Fuller (7) catches a pass for a touchdown against the Massachusetts Minutemen at Notre Dame Stadium. Mandatory Credit: Brian Spurlock-USA TODAY Sports

Fuller’s hands are small in comparison to what the “norm” is for an NFL receiver, and when you do watch that tape of Fuller at Notre Dame, he does have some drops. The Boston College game in particular last year saw multiple drops from Fuller and has been cited by more than a few analysts as “proof.”

Whatever the stigma that Fuller may have, he has earned high praise from Michael Irvin and as the “Playmaker” has stated, Fuller can develop those ball skills. For what it’s worth… he’s catching everything at the combine.