The 2016 Version Of Notre Dame’s “The Shirt” Is Terrible


The 2016 version of Notre Dame’s “The Shirt” is terrible.

Perhaps I’m underselling the awfulness of it all. The 2016 version of Notre Dame’s “The Shirt” is atrocious. It’s disgusting. It’s so bad, that I am unable to just sit here and only post snarky comments via Twitter.

It’s terrible.

Every year now, we are subjected to a “The Shirt” unveiling on the eve before the Blue-Gold Game. It comes with a lot of University produced fanfare that includes huge banners, cheerleaders, and even Brian Kelly himself. All in an attempt to provide hype and excitement for a shirt that is meant to not only unify the student body and fans around the country for the upcoming season, but also to raise money for the charity it represents.

It has the best intentions, but sometimes the best intentions produce the worst results and this years version of “The Shirt” is a prime example of that thinking.

Without going into a full fashion review of this monstrosity, let’s just highlight a few of the worst things about it:

  • The color. Although Madonna blue is indeed the school color of Notre Dame, it only serves as a reminder that “The Shirt” is a different color each year- which is frustrating for many people.
  • The cheesy quotes. Yes, I am aware (well now anyways) that these come from Father Ted, and I’m trying to be as respectful as possible- but the less cheesy quotes for Notre Dame- the better.
  • It’s just too busy. It’s crazy. It’s like everyone on that committee was able to squeeze in every idea they had. This is the true downfall of the shirt, and the absolute worst part about it. It looks like we just bought it off the rack at a South Bend Wal-Mart for $7.99. It looks cheap because it’s just too damn loud.

I’m a minimalist by nature when it comes to clothing, so generally “The Shirt” is as gross to me as an Ed Hardy shirt bro. How and why the committee for The Shirt Project insists that this is the ugliest thing sold in the bookstore is beyond me.

While I hesitate to tell you to not buy this thing, I will say that I think if you feel the same way as I do, just send them a check for $20 for the charity with a note attached explaining why (possibly in a nicer tone than what is emanating from this post).

This year’s shirt is terrible, but next year’s doesn’t have to be.