Notre Dame vs. Michigan is Coming Back

We don’t have to wait any longer. The Notre Dame – Michigan game is back on the schedule.

There were rumors on Wednesday night that the Notre Dame/Michigan series would be starting back up and on Thursday those rumors were confirmed as the two schools announced they be renewing the rivalry starting in 2018. As of right now Notre Dame and Michigan are only set to play in 2018 and 2019, but it could be a possibility that the series could be scheduled beyond that. As a result of the scheduling change, Michigan is forced to kick Arkansas off their schedule. A decision that didn’t leave Arkansas head coach Bret Bielema too happy.


The Irish and Wolverines last met in 2014 when the Irish trounced Michigan 37 31-0. From a pure football standpoint the games coming up in 2018 and 2019 should be much better since Jim Harbaugh as Michigan trending in an upward direction and Brian Kelly has Notre Dame humming right along at a high level. Michigan does lead the all-time series at 24-17-1, with a good portion of their victories coming in the early days of Notre Dame football.

2018 could be one of the toughest schedules Notre Dame has had in quite some time. Aside from starting the season off against Michigan, the Irish will also play Stanford, Virginia Tech, Florida State and USC. The Irish still have one more open date on the 2018 slate.

I felt relieved when I heard that Notre Dame would be playing their home game at Notre Dame Stadium. About a month ago their were some rumblings that if Notre Dame got Michigan back on the schedule they would be playing them off campus, maybe even Rome. Luckily that doesn’t look like it’s going to come to fruition. By 2018 Notre Dame Stadium will be fully finished, and with press boxes on both sides of the field I expect it to be even louder. It would be foolish to throw away a home game, let alone a home game against Michigan away.

It’s great to see this great college football rivalry back on, even if its only for two years. By the time September of 2018 rolls around I expect both programs to be back at among the elites.