Notre Dame Fan Guide to All 42 Bowl Games

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Allstate Sugar Bowl:

No. 14 Auburn vs. No. 7 Oklahoma (8:30pm, ESPN)

They may not be enemies, but it’s always nice to see Oklahoma lose. Because of that, Fighting Irish fans are advised to cheer on Auburn in this one.

Auburn has taken the hearts of many college football fans over the years. It seems that if any team will beat Alabama, it’s going to be Auburn. Therefore, they are the unsung hero of college football and we thank them.

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The Tigers have earned the respect from myself and many other college fans. Root for them because they’ve earned it. When you can ruin the team all college football fans, coaches, players, and programs as a whole despise, you’ve earned the support of everyone for one gam. To end the 2016 bowl season, cheer on Auburn. Then, get back to crazed Fighitng Irish fandom.