Notre Dame Fan Guide to All 42 Bowl Games

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R&L Carriers New Orleans Bowl:

Southern Miss vs. Louisianna-Lafayette (9pm ET, ESPN)

To end Day 1 of bowl season, college football fans get to watch two teams that most people forgot exist. Sothern Miss and Louisianna-Lafayette aren’t teams many people pay close attention to, but they’ve gotten to a bowl and it’s time to watch at least one game this season.

If anything, it’s a chance to watch LA-Lafayette win their first non-vacated bowl game. Since their 2011 and 2013 bowl games are now gone due to ineligable players, the Ragin’ Cajuns are hoping to start over with a bowl win.

When all that still doesn’t get you to watch the R&L Carriers New Orelans Bowl, getting to hear the name Ragin’ Cajuns might.