Notre Dame Fan Guide to All 42 Bowl Games

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San Diego County Credit Union Poinsettia Bowl:

BYU vs. Wyoming (9pm ET, ESPN)

Finally! A bowl game with some true football talent. Wyoming may not be one of the best teams in the FBS, and BYU has certainly fallen off a little in the last few years. But this game is definitely an upgrade from Memphis and Western Kentucky.

If you’re a defensive fan, BYU is the team to watch. They’ve had numerous tests this season, and have pulled off some impressive wins through their defense. For Irish fans, BYU is another FBS Independent that everyone wouldn’t mind rooting for. It’s always nice to see teams outside a conference win a bowl game and prove that you don’t need to be in a conference to succeed.

When it’s Wednesday night and you have nothing to do, remember that this game is on. It could turn out to be a pretty good one.