Notre Dame Football: My Irish Fan Holiday Wishlist

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NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame
NCAA Football: Miami at Notre Dame /

It’s been such a long and disappointing year for Notre Dame football. From losing the Fiesta Bowl to becoming our head coach’s worst enemy, the Fighting Irish fans have been through a lot.

Not every part was bad. Kinda. In the few games Notre Dame won, fans didn’t mind watching. Even if it’s only four times a year, everyone loves to win.

Seeing Will Fuller, Jaylon Smith, C.J. Prosise, Ronnie Stanley, and others continue their dream on draft night is something every Irish fan hold dear to their heart. These men will always be Notre Dame stars first.

There’s been a lot of pain, though. With the expectations 2016 threw at us, everyone was excited to watch the Fighting Irish compete with the best teams in the country. College Football Playoff is the only thing anyone had on their mind before the season started. But after a 1-3 start, everyone knew the season was headed for disaster.

From there it just got worse. Brian Kelly became the most hated man in South Bend, and still should have a hard time looking fans in the eyes. It seemed 99% of Irish fans wanted him gone the second Notre Dame’s season ended. On top of it all, the Irish got blown out by USC. USC!

That’s all behind us now. The season is over, Brian Kelly isn’t being fired, and Notre Dame has now lost two quarterbacks. But hey, there’s always next year, right? Right?

So, in the spirit of Christmas, here’s a little list. Just something I’m asking for this holiday season. If all are answered, Notre Dame could be on the path to greatness once again. Because after all, Christmas is the season for getting presents.