Notre Dame Football: My Irish Fan Holiday Wishlist

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Did I put that in all capital letters? Oh, I didn’t even notice. It was probably because I was yelling at my computer scream while I typed it.

Please oh please great gift giver, please make Brian Kelly the Las Angeles Rams’ next head coach. There may not be the top head coaching options out there anymore, but Notre Dame deserves better.

Kelly has been a disaster in South Bend. Even with a National Championship appearance, he’s made his time with Notre Dame nothing but a failure. When you have the recruiting classes Kelly put together, and the amount of talent already on the team, something positive has to happen. The man has had a first-round draft pick all but one year he’s been at Notre Dame!

No one can tell me the failed attempt at glory has been anyone’s fault except Kelly’s. He’s never been able to run a team and has lost almost the entire Irish fanbase after this season.

If I could have just one thing for Christmas this year, it’d be that Brian Kelly moves on to the NFL. I don’t care if he’s good in LA, or if he makes Jared Goff and Todd Gurley “The Greatest Show on Turf” part two. All I want is a new start in Notre Dame, one without Brian Kelly.