Notre Dame Football: My Irish Fan Holiday Wishlist

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Let Brandon Wimbush be as good as he looks

I don’t know about you, but I’m thrilled Notre Dame’s quarterback next season is Brandon Wimbush. Watching this kid play in high school was looking at a man amongst boys.

He can do it all. His arm is phenomenal, he can fit a ball through almost any window, and the speed, oh the speed. Wimbush is the future of Notre Dame. With two years of learning from Malik Zaire and DeShone Kizer on his resume, he has every opportunity to step into the starting role and be incredible right out of the gate.

There’s always a lot of hype on quarterbacks, though. There’s so many great play callers who are also freakish athletes, that people tend to group them all together. If you can throw and run, you’re automatically great.

But Wimbush is more than the average player. Watching him play since his senior year in high school, you can tell he’s special. My only concern is his adaptation to college. He’s only got two games of experience and was used entirely as a running threat.

Here’s the thing, Notre Dame needs this. Us Irish fans have been promised success year after year, and have been given disappointment after disappointment. With Wimbush, the future looks bright again. Please, don’t let us be let down.