Notre Dame Football: My Irish Fan Holiday Wishlist

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Let Jaylon Smith be Healthy

Bring world peace and food to all the poor. Like everyone else, I believe there are always people who need more than you do, no matter who you are. So please great gift giver, bring peace to this Earth.

Oh, and make Jaylon Smith the freakish athlete he once was, again. Thanks.

Everyone knows that former Notre Dame linebacker, Jaylon Smith, would have been one of the best rookies of the 2016 class if he didn’t get injured in the Fiesta Bowl last season. But, after a drop to the second-round of the 2016 draft, and missing most of this year, there’s only one thing to ask for now – Make Smith great again.

This applied to way than Notre Dame fans. This wish is for Dallas Cowboy fans and just about everyone that loves quality football.

In three years at Notre Dame, Smith recorded 284 tackles. There was no sign this tackling machine was ever going to be anything short of amazing until his knee injury. In the NFL, no one actually believes he isn’t going to be a star once he gets the chance.

So, all I’m asking for is to give him a chance. If Jaylon Smith can be healthy once again, the sky is the limit. I’m one who genuinely believes that by the time his career is over, he’ll be one of the greatest linebackers ever to play. The only thing standing in his way, one injury.