Notre Dame Football: My Irish Fan Holiday Wishlist

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12 wins in the 2017 regular season

Everyone wants the same thing. As a football fan, no matter who you root for, you want one thing for your team, and that’s to win. Well great gift giver, bring Notre Dame 12 wins in 2017.

An undefeated year is a lot to ask for, I know. But c’mon, it’s been so long since the Fighting Irish have finished where they were expected to. Just one undefeated year would relieve so much stress among players, fans, and the coaching staff. I guarantee, no one gets fired if Notre Dame goes 12-0 next year.

Did you ever see the ‘Family Guy’ episode when Peter, Quagmire, Joe, and Cleveland find God so he can make the Patriots win again? Well, Notre Dame has a solid quarterback, one of the best rushers in the nation, an incredible receiving core, and hopefully a more experienced defense. I’m almost positive the only thing stopping them from winning is a higher power.

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I mean, we deserve it. Notre Dame has been through more than just about any team in college football this season. All we want is one season to feel like Alabama. Maybe keep the games a little closer, so they aren’t as boring, but if that’s asking too much than don’t even worry about it.

A National Championship is what everyone wants, but if you put us in a situation to get there, we can’t be upset. Please, just give the Irish the season they should’ve had for the last three years.