Notre Dame Football: My Irish Fan Holiday Wishlist

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Stop the disappointment

To sum up my entire wishlist, bring joy to South Bend. Just stop the disappoint, stop the losing, and stop the nonsense. Notre Dame is one of the most prestigious college football teams in the country, bring it back to where it’s supposed to be.

Notre Dame fans aren’t like Browns fan. We don’t forget what it’s like to win or give up on the season before it even begins. And we aren’t Golden State Warrior fans, feeling like our team just handed us the biggest slap in the face we’ve ever experienced as a sports fan.

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We’re Notre Dame fans, the people who hear all year long about the talent and potential our team has. The ones who sit through games where championship hopes are on the line, only to lose and crush our dreams.

There’s no worse feeling than knowing you’re a few weeks away from the College Football Playoff and watching your team melt away. It’s heartbreaking.

We’ve sat through an embarrassing National Championship game. A game against Florida State that was ours for only a second, just to have it ripped from our hands as we stopped celebrating a play we’ll never forget. And now this. A season that was ours for the taking, and turned into one of the most humiliating years in program history.

No one knows what we’ve been through. So, please, bring us joy. All Irish fans really want this holiday season, is the disappointment to end.