DeShone Kizer NFL Draft Outlook: Chicago Bears


DeShone Kizer is headed to the NFL, but with the amount of teams in need of a new quarterback, no one seems to know where he’ll land.

Most experts believe that the first three picks in the NFL draft consist of teams in need of a new play caller. One of those teams, the Chicago Bears.

The Bears look to have given up on Jay Cutler for the final time. After a season-ending injury, rumors began flying around of Cutlers time with the Bears coming to and end once the 2016 season is over.

With the emergence of Matt Barkley, Chicago is almost certain to have a new QB at the start of 2017. Whether that quarterback will be Barkley, Kizer, or another rookie is still up in the air. But one thing is sure – Kizer is in the mix.

John Fox and DeShone Kizer may be a couple that could get along well. Fox, unlike Brian Kelly, is a coach who teaches more than he yells. Kizer isn’t 100% NFL ready, especially mentally, but learning from Coach Fox, he could develop better than if he went to any other team in the top 10.

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The Bears have the third pick in the 2017 NFL Draft. With players like Jordan Howard, Cameron Meredith, and Zach Miller having breakout seasons in 2016, the Bears are looking for the final piece of their offensive puzzle.

Kizer has the best NFL attributes out of all quarterbacks in this year’s draft. He isn’t the best quarterback coming out of college, but his arm, vision, and athleticism are greater than any other QB in the draft class.

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Even if Alshon Jeffery believes the Bears are going to win the Super Bowl next season, it isn’t going to happen. They have a lot of talent on this roster and are coming together nicely as the years progress. Matt Barkley isn’t going to lead you to a Championship, though, and in 2017, neither is any quarterback you draft.

Kizer would be stepping into the perfect opportunity to grow and develop into the top-tier quarterback he has the potential to become. With the teams looking at Kizer, John Fox and Bruce Arians are easily the top two coaches he can play for in 2017 (Given he goes to a team expected to draft him).

DeShone Kizer could lead the Bears to the promise land one day. The best team for his future may be Chicago. With all the young talent they have, he’d be in a position to grow with these other guys and one day lead a team of young superstars.

The Chicago Bears will almost certainly draft a QB in April. If that’s DeShone Kizer, his future, as well as the Bears’, looks promising.