2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: First-Round Predictions for All 32 Picks

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16. . Safety. Michigan. Jabrill Peppers. 10. player

The Buffalo Bills have already fired Rex Ryan as their head coach and who replaces him could have a large impact on who they draft. With the ability to pick Jabrill Peppers, the Bills won’t pass it up. Their defense has all the potential to be great, but are yet to prove themselves. By adding a player like Peppers, they may find that X-factor they’re searching for.

If Ryan was still the coach, there’d be no way Peppers doesn’t end up a Bill. Rex Ryan has always been about flash and no player in the draft is as flashy as Peppers. But that isn’t the only reason the Bills want to add this safety/nickleback/returner/running back/slot receiver. Peppers is an impact player, and if he’s still around when Buffalo is on the clock they’d be crazy not to take him.

His draft stock did fall this season, as his expectations weren’t entirely met. He’s still a player any team would love to add, though. His ability to play numerous position will help the defense, and make him a threat on offense.

If he’s used alongside Sammy Watkins, he could become one of the most dangerous slot receivers in the NFL while dominating the defensive end as well.

The Bills want Peppers. They’re a team with an abundance of talent that’s missing the x-factor. Jabrill Peppers is the x-factor and Buffalo knows it.