2017 NFL Mock Draft 1.0: First-Round Predictions for All 32 Picks

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player. 35. . Conerback. Florida. Quincy Wilson. 18

The Titans will get the biggest steal of the draft in Quincy Wilson. Not because teams will pass on him, but because of the amount of teams in need if quarterbacks and the depth in this year’s draft. Because of all this, Tennessee will walk away with the best cornerback in the draft with the number 18 pick.

If Tennessee decides to draft Wilson with the Rams’ pick, there’s no criticism at all. Wilson is one of the best players coming out of college this year and has, no will be a shutdown corner immediately.

The Titans have a solid group of defensive backs, but no true number one corner. Wilson will step in and be the lead man right from the start and should have no trouble adapting to the NFL. He’s 6’1, has the ability to push any wide receiver off their route at the line of scrimmage, uses his hands as well as anyone in college football, and can beat most wideouts deep with his speed.

Wilson is a player who deserves to go in the top 10 but will fall because of the lack of demand in cornerbacks. Just because he goes 18th overall doesn’t mean he’s any less talented than the first overall pick. Honestly, he could be the second-best player in this draft.